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ARAE (pronounced array) is a line of garments and scarves designed by Britt Rynearson. Based in Seattle.


the Work

the Work

A four foot tall art piece on wood on display at a San Francisco nonprofit

A four foot tall art piece on wood on display at a San Francisco nonprofit


Britt has spent the last 18 years developing a line of blankets, clothing, and scarves.

A new line of blankets is underway inspired by traditional Nez Perce textiles. In this work, Britt is exploring her personal ancestry. Her upcoming show, Sharing Blankets, will feature work by five Native artists at the Wallowa Homeland in Oregon.

Her clothing designs are inspired by Max Tilke's illustrations of traditional clothing of indigenous civilizations. Tilke examines how garments have evolved from things requiring one seam to more complex forms. 

Her current line of scarves features permanently pleated scarves and shawls. Some of these include a map of the city of Kinshasa which was silk screened onto the surface of the fabric. Britt plans to incorporate more maps into future textile projects. 

In year's past the work was sold at stores nationwide including: Takashimaya and Julie: Artisans' Gallery in Manhattan. Britt spent ten years exhibiting her work at national craft shows such as: The Smithsonian Craft Show, The Philadelphia Museum Craft Show, and The American Craft Expo in Evanston. 

This work is not currently sold in stores. It is shown selected exhibits. You can view the list of current shows under Exhibits

the artist

the artist


A selection of silk and linen blankets drawing on traditional methods from Japan and northwest Native tribes.  



Tops and jackets made with silk, linen, wool, and metal fibers. Slight asymmetry and dramatic collars characterize the designs.


Silk, wool, and permanently pleated materials are used to create a wide price range of sculptural accessories.